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To Claim / Claims post

1. Consult the claims list to see if your claim has already been claimed. Although you can do the same as someone else, it would be more interesting if we had different challenges going on at once.
2. Use the form to claim your chosen Movie, and 10 memorable moment.

3. Wait for your claim to be accepted. This will be done as soon as possible. Once you have been accepted you will given a date to complete your claim by.
4. Download a table or use the one provided to organise your icons.
5. Once completed, read the userinfo again. 

Fever Pitch - moviesurfer - 5th September - 5th November
Grease - nutteratnutwood - 5th September - 5th November
Labyrinth - lm_lichtgestalt - 25th July - 25th September
Rent - youngwoman6703- 18th July - 18th September
The Italian Job -pepsi_boyfriend - 7th August - 7th October
V for Vendetta - seasalt_slushie - 7th September - 7th November
Tags: claims post, community posts
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