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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What can i claim?
You can claim any movie you like. The hard part is chosing 10 memorable moment from that film to then make icons of.

Do i use the same cap for each icon, for the memorable moment?
No. Please try and chose different caps showing different parts of the moment. It would be boring if you made 3 icons using the same cap.

Do i have to make 30 icons in total?
Yes, 30 icons is the minimum you will have to make. Of course you can chose more memorable moments than the basic 10. Or you can decide to make 5 icons for each bit, therefore making 50 icons in total. However, the minimum is 10 memorable moments, and 3 icons for each. This will not change.

Can i use icons i have made in the past?
No. It wouldnt make it a challenge, and people may have already seen all them icons before.

What do i do if i can't complete the claim, or go over my time limit?
If you go over your time limit, i shall automatically take your claim off the list. If you however are having problems and need a little extra time, contact me in anyway you can, even if its at my personal journal, and i shall give you a little extra time :)

Can i make animated icons? Text icons?
Both are of course fine, as long as they link in with the memorable moment.

Can i do fake cuts?
Yep, just make sure that the entry is public.

What do i do once i have completed my claim
Once you have completed, make sure all of your icons are in one post. Then comment on the completed claims list, where someone will check your icons, and award you with a personalised banner.

Can I post / share the icons in my personal icon journal / other comms before the challenge period is over?
Yep. However, please have iconchapters somewhere in the post, to show that the icons were made primarily for this community, and its a great way to promote!

If you have any confusion about the way it is set out, you can look at my claim Titanic

Any other questions? Comment :)
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