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iconchapters's Journal

Icon Movie Chapters Challenge
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iconchapters is an icon challenge, based on memorable moments from films. Each member claims a film, and specifies at least 10 memorable moments from the film. They then have to make at least 3 icons from each moment. You will have 2 months for each claim.
1. This is an icon community. That means that icons are the important graphic to make. Anything else, headers etc can be added in the post, but they do not count towards your claim.
2. If you have any questions, please look at the FAQ before asking myself.
3. Icon stealing is a big no. If you like an icon you see, credit the people who made it.
4. If you want to post progress posts along the way, thats fine, but you have to have at least 5 icons completed.
5. If you take on more than one claim, please post them separatly, as it makes organising easier.
1. Go to the claiming post and use the form to claim the movie and 10 memorable moments you want. Wait to be approved before posting your icons. You can have the same claim as someone else. However you can't claim something you have claimed before.
2. Icons must follow LJ rules, 100x100 40KB etc.
3. You can post your icons as progress posts, or make them all and then post them. However your final post must have all 30+ icons in it.
4. Please arrange your icons in some sort of order, so we know which icons are from which memorable moment. A basic table can be found at ths post, however it is only set up for the minimum people would do.
5. You have 2months from the date of approval to complete your claim.
6. Once you have completed your claim, use the form on the completed claims list, where you will awarded with a banner.
Every 3months we will have a "Hall of Fame". If you have completed your claim in the 3months, i shall pick an icon from your collection which i think stands out, and it shall be mentioned in the "Hall of Fame". Everyone who completed a claim in the 3 months will have an icon in the "Hall of Fame".
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